Motorola Surfboard Cable Modems

There is quite a variety of Motorola Surfboard Cable Modems

The Motorola Surfboard Cable Modem works in much the same way as a dial-up telephone modem, but the signals are sent and received by cable TV network system internet connections. This provides greater capacity and faster information delivery, leading to much higher speed Internet service than with a regular modem or most DSL connections.

The Motorola Surfboard Cable Modem range provides everything the user needs for their Internet requirements and at speeds far greater than those possible through older means. There are various models available, from the most basic to the quite complex: the Motorola Surfboard SPG6580 also provides wireless capabilities, providing Internet connections to a number of PCs and appliances at the same time.

A cable network system will dedicate a standard cable TV channel to data transfer, for Internet and multi-media service. The Motorola surfboard cable modem links to this channel through the same hook-up as used for TV reception, and then passes the digital information received on to a computer via Ethernet or USB connections.

Motorola surfboard cable modems are in use in over 9 million homes worldwide, making Motorola one of the top providers of cable Internet connection. Every surfboard cable modem comes with Motorola’s limited warranty and satisfaction guarantee and has technical support available 24 hours a day. Not only do they provide superfast Internet access, but the extended bandwidth provides enhanced interactive entertainment and gives game players the edge over their opponents. Websites with animated text, audio and full motion video can be enjoyed at superfast speeds (in Motorola’s words; WARP SPEED!)

Every Motorola Surfboard Cable Modem comes complete with everything needed to immediately connect and enjoy fast Internet access: USB and Ethernet cables, CD-ROM USB drivers, power cord, manuals and CD instructions.

Every surfboard complies with DOCSIS (Data over Cable System Interface Specification) standards and can be used with any DOCSIS compliant cable TV network.

In May 1999, Motorola surfboard received its initial CableLabs Certification, making it one of the first companies to be so certified; indicating a modem complies fully with DOCSIS standards, and has passed the extensive compliance testing. The have continued to be recertified as technology advances keeping them at the front of the line when it comes to cable modem vendors.

Motorola surfboard cable modems are compatible with any computer and every operating system which supports TCP/IP; like MAC OS, Linux, UNIX, and Windows through Windows 7 and all Windows Servers. Installation is completed in just minutes, provided the computer has an Ethernet or USB interface, as there is no need for installing software on the PC. Both USB and Ethernet ports can be used at the same time, and while the USB port supports one single user, the Ethernet port can support up to 31 computers at once, giving a total of 32 possible computers linked to the modem at any one time. In many cases it is necessary to contact your internet service provider to enable access their network by the cable modem.

The Motorola Surfboard models already offer a number of superb solutions to individual Internet needs and each new addition provides extra features and enhanced speeds. The Motorola Company are front-runners in their field and Motorola Surfboard cable modems are without doubt the most successful and popular in the global market.